RPM Careers Week & Onsite Teams Day Toolkit

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RPM Careers week runs July 18–22 and we’re taking this opportunity to spotlight our members, career opportunities in our field, and share why we love and support the residential property management industry. This year we've again created a customized toolkit for CAA members and friends of the assocation to participate in this national event and show off thier CAA pride!  This social media toolkit focuses on two programs being executed during this week in July:

  • RPM Careers Week (July 18 – 22) From July 18 to 22, help us raise awareness about RPM Careers Week by showing off your work and encouraging job seekers to consider careers in residential property management. Join us by sharing your photos or videos of a maintenance professional superstar on your team, a teammate who has had an impact on your career, or write a short post about how you landed your RPM career, along with a photo of yourself at work. There are many ideas and sample posts provided in this toolkit to be tailored and shared on your channels throughout the week! Please be sure to use the following hashtags: #RPMCareersWeek #RPMmoments #CAAPTS

  • Apartment Onsite Teams Day (Wednesday, July 20) Apartment Onsite Teams Day is an integral part of the week’s celebrations and an opportunity to highlight the hard work of vital, on-site property teams and workers who have kept our communities safe and running during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the ongoing reopening process. Similar to the program we’ve executed in the past with our “Thank You Thursday”  and #CAAEssentialExcellence program, the Onsite Teams Day allows our members to show appreciation for the residential property management industry’s on-site staff who keep our apartment communities safe and thriving. Show off your work and inspire job seekers to consider careers in residential property management by sharing photos of your team across your social media channels to raise awareness about Apartment Onsite Teams Day, and encourage your team to post photos and use the hashtag #APTeamsDay and #CAAEssentialExcellence.

Social media gives us a great opportunity to interact directly with our communities to highlight our industry’s essential workers and career opportunities in residential property management. Your onsite teams have labored tirelessly to keep things running smoothly while addressing very complex and new issues in an environment of extreme uncertainty over the past few years – let’s celebrate them and inspire more talent to join the industry! In this toolkit, you will find several sample posts that can be used in crafting your messaging for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Social Media Content

Four pages of sample posts and messaging to use on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Social Media Content Tookit 

Social Media Graphics 

Graphics to brighten your social media channel and build awareness.

Social Media Graphic 1
Social Media Graphic 2
Social Media Graphic 3
Social Media Graphic 4
Social Media Graphic 5
Social Media Graphic 6
Social Media Graphic 7
Social Media Graphic 8
Social Media Graphic 9
Social Media Graphic 10
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Social Media Overlays

Incorporate your own graphics into the a RPM Careers Week design. These can be used on your social media channels by inserting pictures of your team, logo, etc

Social Media Overlay Graphic 1
Social Media Overlay Graphic 2
Social Media Overlay Graphic 3

3Social Media Overlay Graphic 4
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Also, check out the national toolkit! The National Apartment Association’s RPM careers week toolkit includes recommended celebrations to host throughout the week, and ways in which your team can take part in social media challenges to win prizes.

If you have any questions, please email Alana White at alana@caapts.org