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CAA Statement on Water Tax

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 CHICAGO — In response to the Chicago City Council’s proposed $239 million water and sewer tax increase, Chicagoland Apartment Association Executive VP Michael Mini has issued the following statement. CAA members own and manage tens of thousands of rental homes in Chicago, ranging from two-flats in the neighborhoods to high-rises across the city.

“On the heels of passing the largest property tax increase in Chicago’s history, the City Council appears willing to enact a $239 million water and sewer tax. Thecumulative effect of these actions are making living in Chicago more and moreexpensive. Over half of Chicagoans rent their homes, and the reality is that renters with low and moderate incomes will be impacted the most by new taxeson necessities like water and sewer service, the cost of which already increased by 60 percent since 2012.  We understand the importance of getting the city back on sound financial footing, but funding our pension obligations at the expense of affordable housing is a risky proposition.” – Michael Mini, Chicagoland Apartment Association

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