City Budget Includes Loading Zone Pilot Program

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Mayor Emanuel's $8.22 billion 2017 budget proposal released this week at a special meeting of the city council contains no property tax increase or significant fee or fine increases affecting CAA members. (However, in 2017 property owners will feel the effects of the water/sewer tax increase approved earlier this year, and last year’s $543 million property tax increase, which is phased in over a four year period.) 

The Mayor's 2017 budget does include a proposal to that may impact CAA members with properties in the central business district. Under the Downtown Loading Zone Reform Pilot Program the city plans to make drivers of trucks, not businesses, pay for the right to park in loading zones. The city expects that the changes would lead to higher turnover at loading zones. The changes will come initially to the 2nd, 27th and 42nd wards with $14-per-hour rates. Once fully in effect, the measure would raise an estimated $13 million to $18 million for the city. 

This change would seem to benefit CAA members by alleviating us of the administrative and financial burdens associated with loading zones. However, some might prefer to maintain control over loading zones adjacent to their buildings, which the current system provides. For those of you with buildings in the central business district, please let me know if you have any thoughts on this proposal so we can weigh in during the budget hearing process.