Rent Control Update

Posted By: Michael Mini Advocacy News,

Two bills opening the door to rent control passed out of committee earlier this month and moved forward to the House floor. We are pleased to share, thanks to your ongoing support, legislation which would bring the detrimental effects of rent control to Illinois, did not advance prior to the House deadline on Friday, March 24.  

HB 3104 (Rep. Rashid) – RENT CONTROL – MANUFACTURED HOME  Weakens the Rent Control Preemption Act by exempting manufactured homes; allows municipalities to set rent controls for manufactured home communities.

HB 2727 (Rep. Moeller) – MOBILE HOME – RENT NOTICE   Sets a 3% rent cap on mobile home parks. Only allows rent increases above 3% for necessary maintenance and repair, and requires the park owner to provide a written explanation to the renter justifying the rate increase by demonstrating  the rent increase imposed was no more than was necessary to cover the actual and reasonable cost of the work performed.

While HB 2727 was sent back to the Rules committee, HB 3104 was given postponed consideration. The bill received 53 “yes” votes (seven fewer than the minimum number required for passage), but before the vote was officially recorded, Rep. Rashid requested consideration of the bill be postponed in an effort to keep it on the calendar while working to gather more support. As of Monday afternoon (March 27), HB 3014 was returned to the Rules committee. We are continuing our work to prevent this bill from gaining enough support to move forward.

 A great summary of floor action surrounding the debate is included in this recent summary of Friday’s action by Capitol News Illinois, in the last section of the article under the header, “Rent control on mobile home parks.”
While we’ve reached an important deadline, as we’ve cautioned previously, exceptions and extensions may be granted in the remaining weeks of the legislative session. Given the current dynamics, anything is still possible, and we will remain vigilant.

On a positive note, our SHAPE-IL Coalition continues efforts to support alternative proposals to address affordable housing, including the “Build Illinois Homes Tax Credit.” Led by our partners at the Illinois Housing Council (IHC), the legislation (HB 2044 | SB1737), would mirror a federal program administered by the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) and Chicago Department of Housing which helps finance affordable housing across Illinois.

IHC Executive Director Allison Clements was in Springfield last week testifying in support of the legislation (story by Capitol News Illinois). If passed, the Build Illinois credit would cost the state $35 million annually for 10 years, which would help increase the number of housing units by 3,500 each year. Once investors construct the housing developments, they would be eligible for an income tax credit based on the development area.

If you have not already done so, we need your help. Take action now by sending an email from and ask your state lawmakers to VOTE NO on any measure that advances rent control.