"Fair Notice" Ordinance Voted into Law by Chicago City Council

Posted By: Tom Benedetto Advocacy News,
On July 22nd, the Chicago City Council passed the 'Fair Notice' Ordinance. 

After six months of negotiations with the Lightfoot Administration, two CAA Member Call to Actions, the "Fair Notice" Ordinance was passed by the City of Chicago at the full City Council Meeting on July 22, 2020 by a vote of 36-14. 
  • Negotiations began at $10,600 in relocation fees (per unit) and 180-days notice for all lease ‘Non-Renewals'
  • Negotiations ended with NO Relocation fees and a complex notice system which favors longer-term tenants over newer residents
  • CAA testified against the ordinance, citing the ordinance's unintended consequences (more eviction filings, more on-site disputes) and the committee's lack of transparency over the final version.
  • An additional component to the Fair Notice Ordinance, added the day before its passage, was adding a one-time “right to cure” period for tenants in a given unit. 
  • The ‘right to cure’ would require landlords to accept full payment of all back rent, including court filing fees, up until an eviction order is given by a court. 
  • The ordinance does not apply to any existing rental agreement that expires before October 20, 2020 (90 days from passage).

As a CAA Member, be sure to review the City of Chicago's Overview of the Ordinance and contact Government Affairs Director Tom Benedetto at tom@caapts.org.