CAM Designee - Volunteer Opportunity

Posted By: Alana White Education News,

If you passed the online version of the CAM exam, please consider volunteering to help current/future CAM students prepare.  We’re searching for volunteers to create 60-90 second test prep videos that share best practices for studying and taking the CAM exam. The videos are called "CAM Hacks."

Here is what’s involved:

  1. Volunteer and signing a video release. The video will be emailed to CAM students on the last day of class. If you’re also comfortable with it being used on social media, please let us know.  
  2. Create a list of “CAM Hacks” to share in your video This is your chance to share all the things that you wish you had known about preparing for the CAM exam!
  3. Film the video on your phone.  Choose a quiet, well-lit area to film your video.  The video should be around 60-90 seconds long. Start by you introducing yourself and then share your “CAM Hacks.”

We’re looking to complete this project in the next 2 weeks. If you're interested, please email Alana White at to see a written example of the types of study tips we're looking for and receive additional information.