California Defeats Expansion of Rent Control - Focus Shifts to Illinois

Posted By: Michael Mini Advocacy News,

California voters soundly defeated Proposition 10 by a 20-point margin. The measure would have repealed the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, and, in doing so, allowed municipalities to create extreme forms of rent control. The ballot measure was one of the most expensive in California history, exceeding over $100 million in total spending. Despite the ballot measure victory, polls show Californians blame developers, landlords, or rent control as the top reason for the affordable housing crisis.

In Illinois, last week's election solidified Democrats control of state government with the election of JB Pritzker as Governor and increased majorities in the House and Senate, both of which now have a veto proof super-majority. In addition, three non-binding referenda supporting rent control passed overwhelmingly in three wards — the 35th, 46th and 49th.

CAA is committed to protecting our members by conducting an aggressive advocacy campaign to defeat efforts to enact rent control here in Illinois and offer credible policy solutions to develop and maintain affordable housing. Effective, professional managed advocacy campaigns are expensive, but the stakes are too high not to engage in an all-out effort. As such, the CAA Board of Directors approved a plan that includes grassroots lobbying, digital advertising, polling, social media, and earned and paid media to successfully get our message across to members, lawmakers and the public. We've asked our members to support this effort and will be scheduling briefing sessions and officially kicking off our campaign soon.