CAA Releases Guidance on the Just Housing Ordinance

Posted By: Tom Benedetto Advocacy News ,

Since the Just Housing Ordinance (“JHO”) was passed in Cook County on April 25th, 2019, the Chicagoland Apartment Association has led the charge in negotiating fair Ordinance "Rules" on behalf of the multifamily housing industry. A statement from the sponsor of the ordinance, Commissioner Brandon Johnson, notes the intent of the ordinance is to “reduce recidivism” by prohibiting discrimination in real estate transactions. The JHO Rules were finally passed on November 21st and provide owners guidance on how the ordinance will affect the application and screening processes. 

However, because the Rules were passed just 40 days before the effective date, CAA negotiated a "Grace Period" through January 31, 2020 in which The Cook County Commission on Human Rights will not enforce penalties for violations of the Just Housing Ordiance.

After or before this date, the Cook County Board expects all real estate properties within its boundaries to have aligned operations to the Just Housing Ordinance and its Rules. The penalties for non-compliance will be a fine of between $100.00 $500.00 for each offense, each day a violation continues.

CAA hosted a free class for members on November 7th with over 130 registrants and is committed to educating members on this ordinance. To further assist CAA members with operational changes the ordinance requires, please review our members-only Just Housing Guidance (link is accessbile to CAA Members Only) . Please contact CAA's Legislative Analyst Tom Benedetto at with any questions.