Are You Ready for the Just Housing Ordinance?

Posted By: Andrea Brady Advocacy News, Education News,

Starting on December 31, 2019 your leasing agents and applications for any properties in Cook County cannot inquire about the criminal history of applicants, and cannot perform a criminal screening as part of the initial application process. Only once a tenant is deemed ‘qualified’ (based on credit score, tenancy history, etc.) can a lessor perform a criminal background screening. It’s imperative your staff is aware of the implications of this ordinance, as a failure to comply would be a violation of Fair Housing Law and could result in the removal of your real estate license.

CAA is dedicated to educating our members on the JHO. Join Attorneys Jessica Ryan (KSN Law) and David Barhydt (Law Offices of David K. Barhydt) on November 7th to learn more about the new ordinance and how your operations will need to be amended before the new year. This class is free for CAA members! Sign up today.