Association Call To Action - Vote NO on Cook County RTLO

Posted By: Tom Benedetto Advocacy News,

CALL TO ACTION: Vote  NO on the Cook County "RTLO"

CAA Members:

It is imperative the industry makes its voice heard on the Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance, which is up for a vote NEXT WEEK:

In these trying times, it's more important than ever to make your voice heard. Cook County Commissioners will vote on a massive Residential-Tenant and Landlord Ordinance ("RTLO") on December 17th. The RTLO will increase litigation by tenants' attorneys against landlords, eliminate housing providers' abilities to collect rent on time, ban "move-in fees," and decrease housing affordability in suburban Cook County.

Why now? Tenants' rights groups are capitalizing on COVID-19 to pass their legislative wish list into local law. CAA's pleas for prudence and caution have fallen on deaf ears. Now, we are asking you to speak up and tell your Cook County Commissioner that passing the RTLO with its current language is unacceptable: VOTE NO ON THE RTLO!

Make no mistake. This is not just a suburban Cook County issue, but a Chicago issue. If the "RTLO" passes in Cook County, it would place more restrictions on landlords in the suburbs than in the city. Therefore, we have no doubt that Chicago will follow suit with further regulations on our industry. 

Thank you for your participation. When you've sent your communication from our Advocacy Center, please forward the link to your colleagues!