Member Update: Senate Bill 3066

Posted By: Tom Benedetto Advocacy News,

SB3066 Does Not Advance; Rental Assistance Approved

The Illinois General Assembly adjourned its special session on May 24, 2020 without passing SB 3066, the COVID19 Emergency and Economic Recovery Renter and Homeowner Protection Act. CAA opposed the bill, which originally included rent cancellation, a lengthy eviction moratorium, and sealing of court records. The bill sponsor was not able to iron out a 4th amendment nor present the bill during Saturday afternoon's House Executive Committee. This bill was drawn into the center of fierce intraparty disputes over addressing the COVID19 crisis. It gained 26 co-sponsors Saturday, while at the same time, several legislators were concerned the bill’s relief funds would not be shared equitably outside the city of Chicago.
Separately, Senate Bill 264 (the budget) successfully passed both chambers late Saturday evening providing $396 million from the State Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency Fund for the Illinois Housing Development Authority to fund affordable housing grants for the benefit of persons impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency, for emergency rental assistance, emergency mortgage assistance, and subordinate financing. The original proposed budget allocated $210M of anticipated federal dollars to IHDA to go towards affordable housing grants for those most impacted by COVID-19. It was amended to increase the funding amount to $396M, with a portion of those funds dedicated for areas outside of Chicago and the collar counties, as well as disproportionately impacted communities.
We remained vigilant in the waning hours of session to ensure this funding was included, and no additional harmful components of SB3066 were inserted into a budget implementation or COVID-19-response package.
Looking to the future, we recognize the bill sponsor and advocates remain ardently focused on their priority housing policies and are bolstered by the backing of so many legislative colleagues. We will continue to be prepared to engage effectively on behalf of our industry.
CAA members sent over 1600 individual messages to House Members over the past 48 hours. Thank you for your diligence and responsiveness in helping to amplify our collective voice to lawmakers and for your continued efforts to advocate for our industry.