Tenant Radon Protection Act

Posted By: Jon Kozlowski Advocacy News,

The Tenant Radon Protection Act will be going into effect on January 1st, 2024. This Act requires landlords to provide each tenant any records or reports that indicate a radon hazard exists, the Radon Guide for Tenants pamphlet issued by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and the Radon Hazard Disclosure form. These requirements apply to units on the second story and below. The new Act also states that, if a tenant performs a radon test, the tenant must provide the test results to the landlord within 10 days after receiving them. Of note, nothing in the Act implies an obligation for a landlord or tenant to conduct any radon testing or for the landlord to perform radon mitigation. However, the Act provides that a lease may be terminated under certain circumstances, including a landlord's election not to mitigate. 

The new Radon Guide for Tenants pamphlet and Radon Hazard Disclosure form can be found here, on the IEMA website.