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Rent Control Passes Committee, Moves to House Floor for a Vote This Spring

For the past few years, our SHAPE Illinois campaign has been urging legislators to support proposals which provide real solutions for the further development of affordable housing, as alternatives to rent control. Rent control would only exacerbate our housing challenges in Illinois. Even so, on March 24th, Members of the Illinois House of Representatives "Housing Committee" voted to PASS House Bill 116 (Guzzardi) out of their committee (13-9) and to the House Floor for a vote sometime before May 31. If passed by both chambers and signed by the governor, the bill would allow RENT CONTROL in Illinois. 
Ahead of the vote, CAA issued multiple Calls to Action and met with several members of the Housing Committee to urge them to vote against rent control. CAA Executive Vice President Michael Mini provided testimony in opposition of HB 116, and Carl Pettigrew, a member of CAA's Board of Directors, filed a statement opposing rent control as well. The SHAPE Illinois Coalition's full statement can be found at this link. A number of SHAPE Illinois coalition members also filed in opposition to the bill and submitted written testimony.
While we are disappointed in this shortsighted action by the committee, the SHAPE Illinois coalition, a group of stakeholders consisting of multifamily housing providers, affordable housing advocates, union building trades, and local elected officials, will continue to advocate against the destructive policy of rent control as HB 116 moves to the Illinois House chamber. 
You can do your part by reaching out to your legislator to warn them of the destructive consequences of rent control at 
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