CAA Social Media Challanges - 3 Ways to Win

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CAA Social Media Challenges – 3 ways to win!

Share a picture on social media for one of the challenges below and mention us (@CAAPTS on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) with the hashtag #CAAPTS We’ll re-share your post and enter you into a raffle to win a $25 gift card. One winner will be selected for each category below!

New Credential Holders 

Share a photo to celebrate recently earning a credential. Here are some ideas:

If you manage a company’s social media account and post the winning photo for this challenge, you AND the new credential holder will EACH get a $25 gift card!   

Challenge runs from January - December 2023  

CAA Professional Development  

Share a photo related to CAA’s professional development programs. Here are some ideas:

  • Selfie with a caption about why you’re planning to attend a CAA webinar or something you recently learned at one
  • Picture of you and a colleague enjoying an in-person seminar
  • Picture of your newest hire from the CAA Career Center
  • Picture of your credential manual and cup of coffee with a caption about why you’re studying for your upcoming exam

Challenge runs from January - August 2023  

RPM Careers Week 

Share a photo for Residential Property Management (RPM) Careers Week which takes place between April 17-21.

Challenge runs from April 17 – 21 2023