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New Website Launch!

CAA will be launching a new modern website on Thursday, May 28. Easier navigation, easier event registration and more streamlined experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices are backed by the reliability and credibility of CAA.
This modernization is not limited to our website. CAA is also implementing a new database system to serve our members better:
  • Members will sign up for events more easily.
  • Members will have more control over their online profiles.
  • The CAA Online Buyers Guide will be more robust.
  • Members will be able to make online payments with fewer steps.
  • And more...

While some of these improvements will be available immediately, others will take some time to implement completely. Expect messaging from CAA about member steps needed to transition. Member logins will all have to be re-established and all existing links to invoices will no longer be valid. New links will all be sent out again soon after the transition.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we make these transitions. 

Welcome New Members

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